OPEN PLAY HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 12pm-4pm
Reservations Required 24hours in advance

Paintless Paintball

At ETA4U, players go head to head inside our 12,000+ square foot playing arena, using .50 caliber Paintless Paintballs.


Paintless paintballs offer the traditional .50-caliber experience, without the mess of traditional paintball games. You’ll also experience the thrill of the tactical paintball experience, but with 60% less pain than the .68-caliber options, which means kids 8 and older can get in on the fun. Whether you’re hosting a party or you just want to get a group of friends together for a fun afternoon, ETA4U and our dedicated Game Masters ensure you’ll have the best experience possible at the only facility that offers an indoor, .50-cal paintless paintball experience in Indiana. Come out and enjoy the fun of paintball without the mess and pain, and discover the fun of our indoor playing field that makes paintball possible any time of the year.


At ETA4U, these rules will be enforced.

Masks must be worn at all times while within the boundaries of the playing fields.


It is recommended being at least 8 to play, anybody under 10 has to have an adult play with them. The adult must be within 6 feet of play at all time on the field of play.


Barrel plugs or blocking devices must be used outside the playing field & in staging areas at all times.


All paintball guns must have mechanical triggers and gravity feed hoppers (No electronic on the guns)


Game Master will decide game scenario or format & Field & will divide teams for Open Play games.  During Private parties the party may decide games, teams and fields.


ETA4U Game Masters are employees. If you enjoyed your experience playing here today, please tip your Game Master accordingly.


We are always willing to listen to suggestions for improvements and always looking for new team member referees to improve the ETA4U experience.


Have fun!!!


Thank you for coming and play safe and fair!

ETA4U   WASHINGTON SQUARE MALL 10202 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46229  -  Phone : 317-356-4639

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